My Writing

I’ve been writing for eight years and enjoy it immensely. I write what I love to read–which means that most of my books feature strong friendships, adventure, and a touch of magic. Below you can learn more about some of my most recent projects.


Illusion (Book 1 in the Balance of Magic series)

Genre: YA Contemporary Fantasy

Status: Complete at 54,000 words

Blurb: Kate Stillwell’s perfectly organized summer is ripped from her hands when she’s thrust into a secret organization of otherworldly magicians called the Guard. Kate discovers that she is the daughter of a magician and a human, which gifts her with a rare form of magic: her words can become reality.

But she also learns that the Guard’s enemy is rising, intent on recovering an ancient sword that could be used to free their leader from his prison in the center of the earth. Determined to prevent that, Kate volunteers to join Idina and a secretive boy named Justin on a hunt to find the sword before their enemies.


Suspicions (Book 2 in the Balance of Magic series)

Status: First draft in progress

Blurb: When Kate’s mother is struck down with a disease, Kate strikes out on her own to find the cure.



Genre: YA Sci-fi

Status: First draft

Blurb: When sixteen-year-old Tess and her superhero team are framed on their first assignment, they must go on the run until they can find out who framed them and why.

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